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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mid Week WIP's

Before I talk about my progress on some art work....I have to congratulate our grandson, Ian, for winning 1st place in the Art Show!  He won in the pencil drawing category!!!  Check out this drawing!!  Is he amazing or what!!!  We are very proud of him, so congrats, Ian!!!  Way to go!!!!

Maybe I should have him do some drawings then I'll transfer onto fabric!  Now that's an idea!!!!

Here's the progress on the tree stencil I posted abut last week.  I did get the squares at the bottom hand stitched so I'm making progress!  I'm using Madeira Lana embroidery thread for the hand stitching the blue areas.   Linda Kemshall mentions using the Lana thread  in several of her video's, so while in Florida, I did send away for some.  So glad I had the right blue to use on this piece.  I did send away for more colors as the thread was a good price on the Sewphisticated Stitcher web site.  Hopefully, I have enough colors to use on this project and on my other 'tree' I'm working on.  I'll show the progress on that piece later this week.   

The rest of the pics are detail shots.  I haven't decided how to finish the FMQ on this piece but I'm sure it will come to me...soon I hope!  Off to play now! 

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  1. OMGosh, you have such a talented grandson. Mine draws pretty well, but has no real interest in it. Does your grandson plan to pursue the art?

    You have been so busy yourself. I love what you did with the tree stencil. Your grandson gets his talent from you.


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