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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Week Away so Grandma can play!

Yep, grandma was playing but not with art!  Early Sat. I headed down to spend the weekend with Amber and Nick, while their mom and dad are on a well deserved vacation to Mexico!  It's time they both need for sure to get away from work and have some together time.  This is their annual anniversary (22 years!) to get away and they were lucky enough to head to a resort in Cancun.  Darrin has sent pics and the resort looks amazing...but now about our weekend!
 Kids and I took off to Lake Orion for the Basset Hound Picnic fundraiser.  Bob's daughter, Diane, and her hubby are active volunteers in the basset rescue and in fact donated all the food for the Sit/Stay Cafe!  Diane was shocked as she didn't know I was heading down their way!  She and Donald were doing the grilling (in the hot sun!) but the burgers and 'dogs' smelled great!! 
Kids enjoyed seeing all the bassets running all over in their hats and vests!  The dog park is enclosed so dogs could run free and just have a ball.  Lots of vendors and one of the best ones I found was Doggy Deli!  These treats are made with 100% natural meats! or preservatives, which is what we have to feed Kalee now (she's a vegan, which is another story!).   I did buy four different treats and will purchase more when these run out.  They do smell good enough to eat...and if you go to their web page, I think someone did try them when they were on TV here in Michigan last March!!
 I took this pic to show my son the great dane!  He was huge but a sweetie.  Kinda funny to see him amongst the bassets!
This is just one area of the dog park with the vendors.  It was quite warm out but a perfect day for the rescue.  Lots of people and I hope they brought in $$'s to support their cause.  Diane and Don have two rescue bassets and just love them.  No, we didn't take Kalee...she stayed home in the air conditioning!  Pampered pet, you know!

So after the rescue picnic we headed back to Oxford as they were having a festival downtown.  Nice that it was close to the kids house as well.  Kids loving all the amusement rides.  Here are Amber and Nick on one ride...grandma was trying to find shade as much as I could...three hours is a long time to cheer them on!
 They both rode this Ferris wheel which is 100 feet high!! 
 This ride never got started...although they kept everyone until they finally decided it wasn't working!
 Who doesn't love the bumper cars!  Plus, you have to look cool in your sun glasses! You are the man, Nick!
 Amber being chased by Nick
 I couldn't believe Amber went on this ride!  It was as high as the Ferris wheel!  I think you can hear Amber saying "Hi, grandma"!
 This ride starts at the bottom and works its way up and down!
 Amber and her friend...thank goodness for the friend for her to ride with!
That pretty much took care of our Saturday with the exception we did head over to Cook's diary around 7:30 to get fresh ice cream.  Cook's Diary in Ortonville has the BEST ice cream!!!  I haven't been in there about two years so it was a big treat for me!
Sunday we did homework then Uncle Jeff came over and took the kids to play Putt Putt!  Wasn't that nice of him!  I ended up cleaning then doing some laundry, took my shower and got cleaned up by the time they got home.  Then we watched a movie before it was time to head over to Aunties and Uncle Jeff's for a fantastic dinner!!!  Grilled shrimp, tenderloin, corn on the cob, tomato salad, asparagus (Jeff's famous recipe!) and a strawberry/rhubarb dessert!  YUM!!!  Kids got off to school on Monday without a hitch and I'll go back down on Wed. to pick up from school, do some homework then perhaps meet up with Uncle Jeff for dinner.  Kids are staying with their aunt and uncle until their mom and dad come home on Sat. 
So that's been keeping me busy and off from reading my blogs!!  I feel like I don't know what's going on or what folks are working on.  I peek every now and then but I'm so behind!!  Hopefully, I'll get caught up this week. 


  1. What fun! Although those rides are making my stomach do flip flops from here!

  2. Busy Busy! Those rides look scary. I am old...........HA!

    Glad you had fun with your grands!


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