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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Did you say hail?

Yes, it is May 9th and yes, this is hail on our deck!  It's been raining off and on most of the afternoon and when I came home from the kids house @ six this is what was on the deck!!  And everywhere else! 

I did get our patio furniture moved out onto the deck this a.m. and swept out the garage!  Then played with some DeColourant again...more on that later this week. 
As far as projects I'm working know I can't just "work" on one!  I like having projects in different phases...guess I get bored easily? 

Some of  you may recognize the tree design.  It's by Carol Bryer Fallert.  My friend, Carol T. and I took a class by Carol several, several years ago in Houston at the IQA festival and of course we purchased several of her patterns.   I actually did a satin stitch around the appliqued tree!  I'm not a fan of satin stitch but I do admire folks who do this stitch.  Pat Holly is one who uses that stitch and her work is spectacular!  It's just not for boy, was I surprised when I found this piece in with my brown fabrics and to see that I actually satin stitched around each limb!  I only have four or five UFO's because they bug me until they're finished.  I feel like it's homework hanging over my head.  Anyway, I forgot all about this I took it out, added the shibori circles which already had fusible on them and sandwiched the piece and starting to quilt around those little limbs!  Don't ask why about the circles...I just didn't like the tree as a stand alone.  Looks a little scary now so maybe I'll finish it and hang up at Halloween!  Who knows.

This next picture is a whole cloth that I sandwiched to do some FMQ'ing on.  It's the piece of Radiance fabric that I dyed in Florida this winter.  You can't imagine the beautiful sheen to this piece.  I'm hoping to make a table runner or cut up for smaller quiltlets.  I'm anxious to start quilting on it but haven't had time to concentrate on a design yet.   At least it's ready when I am!

 And this is the progress on the other b/w beaded bracelet I'm now making for another friend in Florida.  I made a b/w one like this for Jan before we left.  This one is coming along and it's nice to have something to pick up and bead when I have a few minutes or I'm bored with sewing!! 
Well, off to get some coffee and to settle in to watch Survivor!!!  One of my favorite shows!


  1. Ah yes, don't you miss Florida now? We haven't seen the sun in over 2 weeks..........bah.

  2. I actually like the tree piece and don't get the Halloween impression at all.....
    Glad to know there's another finisher out there....quilters talk all the time about their UFO's.....I work on numerous pieces at the same time, and only have 1 yet unfinished that has been waiting to be hand quilted for several years. (My's a great class sample!)

  3. Wow! I'm glad we missed the hail this time!

    I love that radience fabric -- I bought some a long time ago to dye and just never did. Now you've made me want to find it and use it.

    I don't see Halloween in that piece either. It does look rather stark -- maybe some beads would perk it up.


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