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Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's finished...with exception of label.  Yes, it's a weird piece but the tree was just boring to me so I cut the holes, attached one circle back into the hold with embroidery thread and backed the other two holes with the Radiance fabric I dyed in Florida.

I could have changed my white balance setting on my camera to show the colors more true but it is what it is!  I spent some time yesterday 'unsewing' the quilting I had along the outside edge.  I just didn't like it and opted to do something else.  I'm glad I took the old stitching out.  I'm pleased with the entire piece and for now I won't put a sleeve on it.  I'm planning on using it as a table mat for the dining least that's what my room mate thought it should be used for!  He likes this one too...hmmmmm.  He's getting mellow in his 'old age'!

Another piece I'm working on based, again!, on Linda/Laura Kemshall's Design Matters TV is this!

Linda did a video on 'piecing backgrounds' a week or so ago.  Yesterday and today I took some of my scrap pieces and started to put them together!  I've been wanting to work in purple and green for awhile so this is perfect to use up some of those fabrics. 

It looks a little strange now and still might in the future...but I'll be adding some FMQ then some fabric paint or stamping.  Haven't totally decided yet.  It might sit on my wall until I've played with some ideas on paper and in my head! 

Bob's not golfing today and giving his cold a rest.  It's overcast and a little cool today with temps only in the low 60's.  Kalee and I did walk but it was cold!  So I think the rest of the afternoon will be sitting and stitching!  I love days like that...perhaps a movie on Netflix is called for as well!! 

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  1. It's different, but there is certainly something compelling about the piece. I really like it. And the pieced background... it's interesting all by itself, but there it sits.. inviting you to explore. Good fun. Look forward to seeing where it goes from here.


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