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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Indigo Mandala Online Class

I am pretty excited right now!  I follow Vyonne on her blog, FibreHeart and saw some of her Indigo mandala pieces she's done.  Vyonne mentioned she was signing up for Mandala online class from Shibori Girl.  So I went to the web site and checked out the class. 
Just looking at this picture  was enough to get me excited so I signed up!!  So glad I did. 

We were given our first lesson today (class started June 1st) and the video's and written explanation(s) are wonderful! I took my laptop into my sewing room and just played the video over and over.  It was like having an instructor beside me.  So far I think the class will be worth while for sure. I'll be using fiber reactive dyes rather than the indigo dye.

My love of shibori is first the design or patterns you can create...but it's also the hand work that I love so much.  These two pieces I did back in September of '09.  They are using stencils from Jane Callender that I purchased back then. 

  I've never used my shibori fabrics but I'm thinking I just might want to after this class...that is if my pieces turn out half as good as the one above in the class description!  I'd settle for anything close to that! 

So off I go to fold more pieces!  I have two small 12" x 12" squares ready for our next lesson, which is stitching.  I'm going to cut one larger piece just because!  


  1. These are lovely ... I think I'll also try a few stitched mandalas along with the ones we'll be doing in the mandala class with Glennis and Richard. So nice to find someone else who enjoys stitching as much as I do!
    Leslie (tikkunknitter)

  2. Thanks, Leslie! I didn't have your email to repond to. I'm enjoying the tying right now! Can't wait to see end results from class. I do enjoy any form of hand stitching!! Just the best!


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