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Sunday, June 10, 2012

First off...I met up with my friend Carol T. to head over to the Flint Art Fair yesterday.  A beautiful day and just an amazing array of artists.  
But the one artist that intrigued us both and blew me away was Alina Eydel!  This young lady, I believe she's in her early 20's, is one of the most talented multi media artists I've seen.  She first paints in acrylic her portraits/paintings then she glues and varnishes glass beads, Swarovsky crystals, pearls, coral turquoise and moth wings on top of the painting!!!  Just head over to her web site and click on her gallery work.  The painstaking effort of laying the small beads will just blow you away!  I read some articles when I googled her name and wasn't surprised to see some of her art work from when she was only 14!  

I finished our second lesson on tying the mandala.  I only tied 3 of the pieces so far and I'm waiting for our next lesson which is the dying process.  I think we might end up learning more than this one 'tie' so I might wait until the next lesson to determine if I'll tie anymore of this particular pattern.
 And one more item to show!  My friends know my love of when Linda & Laura Kemshall posted some of their items for sale, I did purchase this small pillow!  It was made by Linda and it looks better in person than in this picture!  
It's machine embroidery and FMQ with some fabric paint added, one of Linda's favorite techniques. 
So today is another hot, hot day so good day to stay inside and do cleaning and laundry.  I hope to get some sewing in today or beading, after my work.  Tomorrow is our Aussome fiber group meeting and I have lots of show and tell.  Looking for some ideas on how to quilt the edge of my Georgia piece...I'm sure the ladies will give me some good suggestions!


  1. Wow! I love the colors in her paintings! And that pillow is totally inspiring!
    Can't wait to see your mandalas...

  2. What a talent this young artist has! You have lots of irons in the fire with all your projects. The dye results will be interesting. We've had hot, but also had some much-needed rain. I've had a long blogging break, but will get back to it soon.

  3. Are you teaching or taking the mandala class? I just ordered a bunch of shibori books from the library so I can start doing this kind of dyeing. I need to do some regular stuff first though because my stash of hand dyes is getting low! I didn't get a chance to do any last summer!

  4. Thx for sharing these amazing works from a real talent. !! Lucky you to have a Kemshall piece.


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