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Thursday, June 14, 2012

First Mandala dyeing

Yippee!  It's not perfect but sure was fun to do!  Actually the purple on the edges and around the center are more brown in 'person'.  I wanted to add some brown but was afraid I'd overdo it!  So I gingerly placed the 'red/brown'.  Looks good in person.

I need to check out why my edges aren't as crisp as I think they should be...geezz, I pull that darn dental floss so hard that it digs into my fingers!  But I still think the patterns turned out find.  Each of these are small pieces, around 12-15" square. 

I love the online class from Shibori Girl and if you're interested in any form of shibori or indigo dyeing you should check out her website for future classes. 

So here are some other pieces that I dyed this afternoon.  I also put pics at the end of this post, of the fabrics tied with dye on them.

This one looks like more like the 'ink blot' test you take!  Although, I'm still not sure what I see it in...I think there's a bat with his mouth open on the right side, middle!  And he has teeth! 
This is the 'ink blot' test tied and dyed. 

This is the 2nd picture before I opened it up.

Starting to unfold the piece!  That's the most fun I've had dyeing in a long time!  Couldn't wait to see what I ended up with!! 

So now to check on the posts for our class and get some tips on what/how/why!  But I'm lovin the class and the instruction by Richard and Glennis!!


  1. Wonderful pieces! I'll be sticking to indigo, but love your work in technicolor! I agree completely - it's been a terrific online class.

  2. Mesmerizing designs! What fun to wrap, dye, wait and unwrap. I like these.


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