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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Look what I found!

Check it out!!  I forgot all about this canvas piece I started back in 1998!!   I really have quite a bit finished on it but a long way to go.   This next picture is what it should/will look like when completed...which it will be.  This is going to be my next 'to finish' project when I've completed my current projects.
I bought this pattern when Bob and I were on vacation in '98 in Arizona.  I just love the colors and the different patterns.  At the time, I was still working and not heavily into quilting, so it was a perfect project. did I find it!  Yesterday, before I went to get the grand kids from school, I decided to organize the closet in the sewing room.  Bob built shelves for me when we had the house built in '96 but I keep reorganizing to suit my current 'phase'!  So off I went to separate commercial fabrics from hand dyes. 
This was my table with just some of the fabrics on it.  I did separate yardage from fat quarters and also started a new bin for smaller scrap pieces and squares.  And used my wonderful label maker my daughter gave me for my BD one year!  I love my label maker!!!
And this is my finished closet.  Bob said it looked good but he doesn't remember how it looked before.  It actually was similar but now the commercial and hand dyes are in different areas which is nice(r)! 
So back to my canvas was WAY up on the top shelf actually hidden!!  I'm so glad I found it and remembered working on it!!!  I still have a long way to go on it but I think it will make a nice project to work on at night sitting out on the deck...or maybe take to Florida next winter. 
My next 'cleaning' will be to reorganize my tables and other storage areas I have.  Gives you such a good feeling to complete projects like this!  So thanks to Kay over at Quilts+Color blog!  Her studio is wonderful and she's been reorganizing.  I think subconsciously I got the bug from seeing her reorganizing! 

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  1. Oh no......I think the reorganizing bug is catching.....I'm trying to ignore the nagging feeling that I too should get busy in that department. Seriously, I should JUST spend the time now cause it's taking me way tooooo long to find things as my fabrics are in such a mess.


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