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Thursday, June 28, 2012

What fun!

Kalee and I have been to 3 Rally classes...we are both having a ball!  One of the lady's little boy, Anthony, (he's only about 8!) took this video at class on Tuesday. He did a great job didn't he! We also went outside to run some obstacles (tunnels, water, jumps, etc.) but I forgot to ask him to video those!  Darn.  Kalee did great for her first time out on the course.  Obviously, neither she or I know the commands but at least she went through every obstacle!  I was so  proud of her!  and I didn't fall down either!  I will post two more videos from class on her blog today.
Rally class is just a perfect fit for us.  Its focus is on obedience and the bond with your dog and similar to some of the obstacles on an agility course.  It has given me a whole new perspective on working with our little dog, who will be a year old next month!!!  Hard to believe!  But...sad to say a day doesn't go by that I don't think our our Mandy Girl.  She will always remain in our hearts and it should be.
Hot one again this afternoon for GB test...ugh...I can go without food but this no liquid for 5 hours isn't so much fun!  I'm an 8 cup of coffee kind of gal!


  1. Kalee at her Rallee! She's a smart little girl. Will have to go check out the videos on her blog.

  2. Yikes....if you drink 8 cups of coffee......perhaps that's why you need a GB test? Just kidding....

    Our rescuse dog has turned the corner and is no longer chewing everything in fact, she's behaving quite well.....but has yet to learn to quit pulling hard when on a leash.

  3. Fun! thanks for sharing. Strange acoustics in there.


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