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Monday, June 18, 2012

Reptile Time!

This past weekend, I kept Nick overnight so that we could go to the Reptile presentation at our library!  It was so cool!  OK, it was really cool for this old lady!  Our library has some interesting programs this summer, as always.  I think I have more pics of the kids at the programs than I do actual family pics!  Go figure!

This is Pokey a tortoise!  I always wondered the difference between a tortoise and a I know!  Turtles live in or near water and this little guy is a land lover!  How cute is he!! 

Next up was the bearded dragon lizard!  This guy is familiar to us as Nick has a bearded dragon!  Her name is Spikey and I've blogged about her before.

I can't remember the girl's name who assisted our presenter...but she ended up holding the lizard for most of the program.  She couldn't get him off of her!  It was kinda cute actually.
 Adam is holding a corn snake!  My first snake ever that I touched!  Adam is from England and had the cutest accent.  He was full of information and you could tell him loved his job and the animals. 
The last pictures are of a boa constrictor snake, whose name I've forgot.  It was a female and she just shed her skin.  She was very shiny and just a beautiful animal! 
 They allowed the kids to have her rest on their neck!  Not me!  Just the kids!!  Whew!

All in all I had a good weekend visit with Nick.  Hope he did as well.  He was good as gold and he even had a 'friend' spend the night!  Cody, my neighbors dog, is Nick's favorite so we invited him for the weekend as well.  We took both dogs on walks, played, threw the ball 100 times to Cody! and just had a fun.  Next time is an overnight with just Amber.  Think I'll start this for my 'date night' time with the kids! 
Laundry today and then off to do some mandala tying and dyeing..then perhaps some beading on the loom bracelet.  Muggy day and overcast right now so good day to be in the air conditioning!


  1. This was a memorable visit I'm sure! We have the protected gopher tortoise's in our subdivision. They are so interesting. What a great program.

  2. Looks like the sort of thing I would enjoy. I like the bracelets that presenter is wearing.


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