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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cherry Garcia Reward Time's reward time for me tonight!  I finished my slice project and will mail off to Tommy on Thursday.  This a.m., Kalee and I took a trip to the grocery store so I picked up some Ben & Jerry's as reward!  YUM!  This is my favorite flavor they have and I can't wait to dig into it tonight with a cup of coffee!

I have been working pretty steady on the slice piece and even had both of my machines set up to sew with!  I was using the #7 foot on my old machine but with my short memory I forgot that both my machines have the #7 foot!  DUH!  This was after I dug out my old machine and set it up in my drop in on the sewing table.  So I put the newest machine back in the case and I'll keep the 1090 (older machine) to sew with.  I actually like to do free motion quilting on the 1090 vs my newer machine.  And the May free motion challenge was posted so I'll need to get started. 
 This was what I had waiting for me this a.m.  It was my list of last minute items to work on for the slice.  It didn't take more than and hour or so...which is why I was able to take off to the store.  I did stop on the way home and took my assistant (below) on a walk downtown.  She was so good.  She's actually gone on 3 walks today (temps go up to 80!).   I'm hoping for a quiet night tonight as Survivor and Criminal Minds are on...two of my favorite shows! 

Isn't Kalee a doll!  She watches me sew but then ends up sleeping next to the machine!  I had to fold my quilt so I can sew without moving her!  hmmmmm  It is great to be a dog isn't it!  Well, off to enjoy some Cherry Garcia!


  1. Be careful with those "single serving" cartons -- I've been trying to lose the Haagen Dazs pounds I put on for five years now!

    Your assistant is just so cute!

  2. Kalee is a great help sewing. I'll bet she'd be willing to help with the ice cream, too!

  3. I'm so are able to WAIT to dig into the "Cherry Garcia" would have gone straight from the grocery bag to my mouth!

  4. Suzie and I sent our off today to Tommy too!
    She finished hers Tuesday and I finished mine yesterday.
    I think it is going to be a great quilt!
    I probably have some Cherry Garcia in the freezer - it's a food staple here in FL!


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