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Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday with Susan! (and Harvey!)

Sunday with Susan! Hmmmmm sounds like a title for a TV sitcom! Although, I'm sure Susan thinks I am a sitcom! Anyway, this is Susan and Harvey (picture is from a St. Pat's Day party we went to in Florida. I didn't get any pics of us yesterday - I did the same thing when Tony and Carol were here last month! I forgot to take pics!).
This was Susan inspiration for her current work in progress. This is a Tiffany stain glass piece Susan thought would be a great quilt. So Susan made (she doesn't use store bought patterns and designs all her own) her own pattern and developed her own reverse applique method to do the piece. It's almost like a reverse, reverse applique!
And (with Susan's permission) here is her current piece of hand work! It's stunning!!!
Here's a closeup of the work. She has all of the pieces cut and sewn onto her background/muslin. Then her black piece was laid entirely on top! I know...complicated, right! But worth all the effort she put into this. I love her technique and hoping she'll work with me when we get to Florida. I just need to design a pattern of something very special I'd like to work on.

If you click on the picture, you'll see the border tracing which is very elegant as well.

And of course this is my other favorite piece, Susan did last winter. Each square is 1" half triangles and there are 256 blocks - ALL different! No two alike. Can you image again the planning she put into this!! I love this piece because of the color? the pattern? the effort? Can't decide but I do love it. I hope she gets to enter it into some more shows.

Here are some additional closeups...check out how perfect her piecing is.

We did have a very nice afternoon. I had Susan popping up and down from her chair so much I'm sure she felt like she spent the afternoon at the gym! Just had to show her so much!! And I did give her a quick computer picture peak at our upcoming MQAI exhibit which is opening on Sept. 11th. They'll be gone by then and won't be able to see the show.
I did finish my Mucha piece and I'll post pics tomorrow as well as pics of Kayla's 'dorm' room!! She's quite busy with lots of homework and of course spending lots of money! But that's college life isn't it! She does sound like she's having fun along with all the hard work so that's good!

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