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Friday, April 13, 2012

Hand stitching, at last!

Can you believe it!  I'm actually doing some hand stitiching at night with Kalee around!!  This is the progress on my Georgia on my Mind piece for the Master's exhibit.  I already stitched around the black stain glass areas by machine and now want to finish it off with stab stitching here and there!  You can see my 'redo' of this piece here.  This is the reverse applique method my very talented friend, Susan, taught me.  Once I get back into my 'groove' I hope to make another piece using this technique.  It's so portable!  I've been carrying this piece around since last spring!
Perhaps, I should knock on wood, cross my fingers, make sure all the stars are aligned properly...because the past few nights Kalee has been really good and not bugging us continually!  We still throw her toys and play with her but she'll play on her own or chew her bull stick(s)!  Fine with me!!  I get to do my favorite hand stitching!!  It's been a little frustrating for me to just sit and watch TV!  UGH...I feel like I'm wasting so much time.  I've also been able to play Words with Friends on my IPOD.  I'm so hooked and believe it or not so is Bob!  I downloaded the game to his facebook page (he doesn't have IPOD) and he's hooked as well.  We've been playing each other, my sister, Nancy and our DIL in Indiana.  It's so funny because as long as Bob is playing he's staying awake and not sleeping in his chair!  AND he's sleeping better at night!  Go figure!
I'm really ahead of my to do list for packing up so on Sat. Carol and I are headed off to grab a Starbucks coffee then off to an art show at Top of the World, another gated community.  There's paintings, sculpture, etc. so should be a nice morning out.  Then off to dinner at Jan and Larry's for their annual crab fest!!  YUM!!  Hopefully, I won't be so stuffed on Sunday to post pics of our wonderful evening out!!


  1. Gosh you are a busy person!! I'm busy too, but not with fun stuff. I need to get out more.

    I love this quilt. It's just beautiful and the handstitching really sets it off.

  2. Lovely work as usual! You are such a social butterfly! Too funny!

  3. The handwork adds so much to the already lovely design. I feel for you....I'd go crazy not having the option to hand stitch in the evenings....glad you can try it again.

  4. I tell you - this is inspiring!


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