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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Getting back to normal...slowly

Sewing Room BEFORE!  Yes, all of this & more was in the back seat of our car!

After!  Even Kalee is happy to have room to lie down!

Yep...slowly but surely we are making our house a home again!  I love to do my spring cleaning when we get back from Florida!  I love to organize and I'm always redoing!  Guess it gives me another 'excuse' to reorganize!  It does tire this old lady out, but I still like doing it.  I finally finished my sewing room today!  Check out the before and after pics!  

The kitchen wasn't that hard to do other than put everything away that we dumped on the counters and of course groceries...another $200 spent!  GEEZZZZ

And here are my sweeties...doing what they both do best!!!  Gotta love 'em!  Kalee has settled in quite well in her 'first' home.  She's been running up and down the deck and just having a ball.  She's been a sweetheart and I'm just waiting for the 'wild child' to be back at it....which will most likely be tonight when I'll want to settle down and collapse!  Oh well! 
Tomorrow I'm going to meet up with the kids for breakfast except my son has to work!!  Boo hoo!  Dawn will be returning from Italy tonight and won't be home until 11 p.m.  Hopefully, she'll not want to sleep in too late in the a.m. and be able to meet for breakfast!  I'm sure she has lots of stories to tell about her trip! 


  1. Oy! The "stuff" from the back seat. But you did a great job establishing order. And AH! back home, and re-established order. Could it be that Kalee is becoming mature? She seems quite relaxed in those pics. What a concept.

  2. Glad to see you are safely home and getting things squared away. I missed a few posts so I shall be backing up. Weekend Bliss...


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