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Friday, April 6, 2012

What a great afternoon!!

Yesterday, I headed south to visit with Kay Sorensen from Quilts+Color,.  This picture is of Kay and I just before I headed home after a wonderful lunch of quiche that Kay made and just as wonderful conversation!! Although many of you know her as fiber artist extraordinaire, Kay is also a fantastic home decorator!  Her house is fabulous and the colors and unique collection of furniture (refinished/old/new) and accessories are just awesome!   I took pics of her wonderful home but won't post as I didn't ask if she would mind!  They are for my eyes only!!!  But if Kay ever offers you to visit with her in her Florida home, do stop by!  I had such a wonderful connection with Kay and thoroughly enjoyed our conversation.  We had so much to talk about I didn't get to ask more questions of her artistic endeavors, past and future.  I did get to see some of her current work (you can also see some by checking out her blog!).   I also saw some work that Kay isn't posting on yet.  Wow!  I could look at her work all day!   I hope she asks me back again next year.  
And one of the reasons is for these!!  The blue/yellow/violet is for me and the red is for a friend...that's Kay's rules!  Each visitor gets to pick from her wonderful 'stash' of  amulets that she keep one and give one away!  Just another reason to visit with Kay!  If you head over to Kay's post for today, you'll see just some of the 100+ amulets she has made!  I already have an idea for mine but won't start on it for a few months!!  Other commitments, "don't you know"! 
 I just looked at Kay's post from can  read about our visit from her perspective !    I haven't been on the computer sine Wed. so I just saw her post. You'll also see me 'posed' in front of a wonderful quilt Kay made!  This is a better picture because I'm not in it!!  Of course, it's using Jinny Beyer fabrics that Kay took a 2nd place with  a few years ago (she actually won twice in creating another quilt from Jinny's fabrics).  Isn't this quilt amazing!  You have to see it up close and personal to appreciate the workmanship on this huge quilt!!  And where Kay has it hung as you enter her home is perfect!
The colors in this quilt were used by Kay in furnishing her Florida living area!  Spectacular!  Both the quilt and home...yes, I'm back to that.  I loved Kay's home and her decorating skills and just having the connection with her.  You hear so much 'hype' (in my estimation!) about the word INSPIRATION but I have to say that Kay could easily inspire me!  She is a generous, talented, happy soul that just makes you want to keep smiling and make something!!  So that's what I'm going to do after this post!  Get busy on something creative!!!  Again, THANK YOU, KAY! for a delightful afternoon!!!  See you next year!!

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  1. Such a wonderful way to spend a day with someone who is gracious and creatively talented. I visited her blog and you standing with the quilt are both beautiful. Your amulet is fun and I look forward to seeing how you incorporate it into your work. Easter blessings...


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