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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The unused #7 foot!

 I was playing around today using my good, old, trusty #7 Tailor Tack foot!  I've used this before to add embellishments to my quilts and thought of a good use for it today too! 
The picture of the seaweed (in case you didn't know what it was!) was made using this foot..  For this piece, I cut out my leaves then stitched using a zig zag stitch and stitch length really short...on my Bernia 1090 it's the satin stitch length which is almost down to nothing.  This foot has a center piece where the threads wrap across it while you stitch.  If you stitch with a really short length, you get this cool tunnel of threads. 
I cut through some of the threads to make them fuzzy and other areas I just left as is. 

So today, here are some pics of what I'm working, you won't recognize what it is and I can't tell you just yet but at least you can see how to use the foot and perhaps where in your art work you might want to use the foot!
I'm pointing to where the threads wrap around this center post on the foot.

Here's a side view so you can see the threads.

Next, I just slide off the stitches carefully, then start stitching  in another area

When finished, the piece looks like this!
It's pretty repetitive work but fun to see where or what you can do with this cool foot!  It's my understanding tailors would use this stitch so they could mark seams and easily rip out??  OK, that's close enough to an I can come up with.
So today I basted my slice piece and I'm ready to start quilting it!  YIPEE!  That should take me about another week or so to quilt, add some hand work and get it packed up to mail to Tommy!  I'm happy with how my piece is turning out but I'll be glad when it's done.  I've had fun working on it and can't wait to see the entire piece put together. 
Today is our first cloudy day and wind is quite brisk.  Kalee and I only walked to the side street and back.  Not our normal long walk...just too cold and her little face is just pushed back with the wind.  Guess I better get to quilting!


  1. Interesting effect with that foot! More fun thinking of ways to use it. It was perfect in the seaweed.


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