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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just darn busy!

 I have managed to finish a peyote bracelet for Verna, which I'll deliver tonight or tomorrow.  I love the color of this piece and I think Verna will like it (she already saw it in progress as I needed to measure her wrist). 
So this week, I've done some packing, scrubbing of floors, yada, yada!  I'm actually ahead of my to do list for the week so that makes me feel good and lessens the stress of leaving. 

Tuesday night we met with our friends, Carol/Tony and Peggy/Sammy and had a fantastic dinner at Pavarotti's!  OMG!  The 'knots' are to die for!!  Pizza dough rolls smothered in butter and garlic!!!  I don't even use butter on my toast or bagels but let me tell you I will soak up this butter!!!!  Bob and I are having left overs tonight from that meal out. After our dinner on Tuesday, we headed home to take Kalee on a golf cart ride then we headed down to the pool area at the club house to listen to one of Bob's buddy's and their group sing and play guitar!  What fun!  This is Howard singing "I Just Don't Look Good Naked Anymore!".   What a hoot of a song!
  All of the guys were really good and we could have stayed longer but we left at 8:30...poor Kalee hadn't even had her dinner yet!  She survived and it was a really fun night.

Of course Wed. was our last 99 cent margarita night!  We met Carol and Tony for dinner and yum!!!  I had my three tacos and Bob had his Alambre!  Yes, we had leftovers so that's for Monday night!  I already had some leftover Alambre's from Bob's last meal in the freezer so I just added to it!

And just some of the beautiful homes here.  Bob and I took some pictures as we were driving Miss Daisy, I mean Miss Kalee around the other afternoon!

The landscape on this house is beautiful!  I'm not great at taking the picture of it but I love the plants!  We are going to miss our Florida living and friends!!


  1. "See" you back in Michigan! LOL! Glad you had a fun winter. I cannot wait until I am free to go be a snowbird...

  2. Well you are wrapping up the loose ends. There is something about a dog and a golf cart... like a pacifier and a baby! Our dog Jesse loves "his" golf cart, too.


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