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Friday, April 27, 2012

Some more info on the #7 foot

I had an email from Sally asking about threads, stitch length, etc. that I used when making this piece.  First off, the way the #7 foot is shaped you have to use the zig zag stitch on your machine.

For this piece, I used Signature 30wt (Eggplant) Triobal Poly thread and a microtex 70/10 needle.  Signature does recommend you use a size 100/16 needle but my machine works just fine using the 70/10.  As with any thread work you may have to try different needles or adjust your tension.  Speaking of which, I didn't lower the tension on my machine either.  It's set at 5 on my 1090 and I had no problems.  Again, you might have to adjust your tension, usually setting the tension lower when using the tailor tack foot.

As far as other settings, with the zig zag stitch on my  machine the stitch width is automatically set to '3' and my needle just clears both sides of the middle piece on the foot.  Be careful adjusting your width or you'll break many needles - ask me how I know this!
For my stitch length, I set my machine between the satin stitch and the 1/2 mark.  I don't know number wise what this length is!  I have Bernina's so I can't tell you exactly what length to use.  If you have a satin stitch on your machine just move up a little and stitch a row or two to determine the best length. 

Hope this answers your questions, Sally and hope others might try this foot too! 

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