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Monday, April 23, 2012

What's old is new again...

Well, what's old is new again in my mind!  How easily we forget the artwork we've done.  Thank goodness for digital pictures! 
Since I don't have any new work that I can post pics is a piece I did back in 2008.  It's 11" x 13" and I used a hand dyed background scrap piece that I stab stitched with Kreinik metallic threads...yes, that was a lot of fun!  The piece in the middle is a used tyvek envelope that I painted with acrylic and/or fabric paints then I couched down with the same metallic thread.  The center piece is a plastic straw that I drizzled hot glue from the glue gun on then wrapped some fibers w/beads on top.  Just playing around that day but it's one of my favorite pieces.  I'm just drawn to it because of the colors. 
So today is dental cleaning and root dyeing for this retiree!  Then to stay home the rest of the week to finish up the group quilt piece!!  Let's hope at least! 
I did take Kalee on a short walk this a.m.  Temps in the 30's...brrrrrrrrr with that darn wind, but the sun is out, thank goodness!  We're suppose to have 25+ winds again today and tomorrow. 


  1. I like it a lot too Robbie. Great colors and fun experimentation.

  2. I like the colors, too. And the drinking straw wrapped with fibers is a stroke of genius! It's going to be down in the 40s here tonight... imagine. Not so far from your 30s.


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