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Monday, April 9, 2012

And another wonderful afternoon!

Yep, we are so lucky for the friendships we have in Florida!  Verna & Ron had the "orphans" (as Marilyn likes to call us!) over for Easter dinner!  Of course, who would refuse Verna's cooking!  Not me!! 

We started the afternoon off with wonderful appetizers of stuffed jalapenos, which were my favorite by far!! and a baked cheese dip that was another wonderful addition.   I couldn't stop eating the stuffed jalapenos!

Below are Susan ( my quilting bud!) on the left and Patricia having a taste!
Jan, on the left, also a Michigander and our hostess Verna.  The salads were delicious!!!  Of course the dressing was homemade!!  YUM

Some of the men folk relaxing on the lanai

Ron (our host on the left) and  Harvey, Susan's hubby

Pat (Patricia's hubby on the left) and John, Marilyn's hubby

Verna made this adorable Easter tree!

Our purple couple, Marilyn & John!  Marilyn had hip replacement surgery five weeks ago!

Our wonderful hostess with a cake as beautiful as she is!!

What an ending to a great meal!  Lemon filled cake with 7 minute icing!!  YUM!!!

Of course, our hostess is also a sewing genius...she does beautiful heirloom sewing.  This is one of her first pillows she embroidered.

Looks like something from a magazine...some pillow cases Verna embroidered.

And this is Bandit!  A rescue cat that is now lucky enough to have found a wonderful home with Verna and Ron!

Yes, this is his house for sure!

And last but not least, a quilters hand!  It's actually my friend Susan's hand.  I was trying to take pics of Bandit!

 The picture above is telling of our age for sure!  The men folk sitting around watching the golf match!  I was going to take a video of the guys but it wouldn't be any different from this still picture!!  A far cry from the days of watching football or basketball and screaming at the refs and scores!! 

We had such a wonderful afternoon and I can't thank Verna and Ron for this hospitality again!  Our Florida friends are so generous and we're so fortunate to have them in our lives.  Thanks again, Verna and Ron!!!


  1. Very lovely to enjoy friends and food and getting together. That embroidery is beautiful. Bandit is a lucky cat. Happy week to you dear...

  2. Good friends and good food. That's how we spend our holidays now too. The kids headed to Indianapolis for the weekend..can't say that I missed the ruckus!

    Nice Post.

  3. A lovely day... gotta' love the Florida lifestyle! Bandit is handsome, and I love lemon-filled anything, so that cake is mighty inviting. Your hostess is one talented lady.


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