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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hard to leave our winter home!

Yes, it's sad to leave Florida!  Bob and I went to one of our favorite restaurants (I know, we have so many!) on Monday.  It was our own date night!  We ate at Harry's and sat outside.  We both keep talking about what a wonderful night it was.  Drinks were great, dinner was wonderful, dessert was fantastic!  And the weather was perfect for eating outside!  No wind, no sun in our eyes...just a pleasant breeze, music playing from the park across the street...what could be better!  Margarita's!  Yep, tonight Bob and I are having another date night at El Toreo's for our 99cent margaritas!  We have some errands and running around to do so that will be our reward!

Today I finished up some work on my group quilt slice and will finish it back in Michigan.  I then packed away the machine!  Again!  Let's hope we don't rip our pants so I have to drag it back out again!   I also finished one cuff bracelet and hope to get the warp on the loom for the next gift!  I'm also getting some hand work done on my Georgia piece!  Kaylee, Grace and I sit out in the lanai during the afternoons.  It's so peaceful out there...just the birds and us!
I did want to share a great picture my sister sent me of her family!  This is Nancy, my sis holding "monkey", I mean Sherry! and adorable Remy!  Isn't my sis a beauty!!  She has the greatest looking legs too! and I won't tell her age but very few women can say that!  I love her lots and have enjoyed being able to spend time with all of them this year!!

Well, off to the shower so we can head out!  Have to get those errands done so our reward can come!


  1. Hard to believe it's time to depart already! And isn't it funny.. eating outside needs to have all condition just right. Not too much heat, sun, wind, noise, etc. Harry's on the square is great when conditions are right, and it sounds as if they were. Your sis is a classy gal.. and the pups so cute. Monkey? I don't think you're going to get way with that one.

  2. Have a safe trip home. Hopefully the weather here will stay as warm as its been. Yes, your sis IS beautiful. I see a resemblance.

    Happy Easter.

  3. Bob looks so sad, sitting there eating his last meal;-J Safe travels! Your sister is nearly as pretty as you and looks fantastic! For any age!


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