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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The 4-H Fair!

It's a good thing Amber and Nick made us all a good breakfast on Wed. before we headed to the 4-H Fair! Here are the boys eating scrambled eggs and bacon (Nick made the eggs and Amber cooked the bacon)! Amber even made grandma scrambled eggs (no, not Egg Beaters this time!). Nick's friend, Nate (on the left) came with us and Amber had her friend, Amber (yes, it got confusing at times) join us too.
Amber went to her first 4-H Fair on July 24, 2002 and Nick's was July 27th 2005! I keep the parking ticket each year and photocopy for their 'grandma' books so they have a remembrance.

Here are the group known as "Nick, Nate and the Ambers"! My DIL said it sounds like a singing group! The kids were so good and perfect ladies and gentlemen! Just a wonderful day!!

If you click on the picture you'll see where Nick and Nate sat on this ride.

Ditto on the 'zero gravity' ride. I have arrows where the girls where hanging on. Nick rode this several times as well with the girls.

Here we were watching the circus, which was wonderful as usual. New acts and some of the same, great acts.

Each of the kids packed their lunch and snacks so we sat at a picnic table and enjoyed our food before the rides.

Girls petting one of the rabbits that were judged that day. Nate is behind Amber and he did get to pet the rabbit too.

The kids also got enlightened on what "Market Fresh" stood for at the fair! Yes, they do eat rabbits too.

These pigs were only two days old!!! They were so cute!!

The kids always love going into the birthing barn. Nick's favorite is the egg incubator. For some reason he is
fascinated by the chicks hatching.

Kids enjoy the petting zoo. They have every type of animal for them to feed carrots or grain to.

They even had kangaroo's!

This was the circle of death with the motorcycles riders that Nick missed last year. This year I set my alarm on my phone so we wouldn't miss it! WOW! It was exciting! I have a video on the bottom of some rides the kids were on and the motorcycle riders inside this wheel.

The weather was perfect..not too hot and low humidity. I did keep sunscreen on the kids about every two hours but forgot I have what is known as 'red neck' or I should say 'red chest'!
I had 172!! pictures on my camera! Yes, that is 1-7-2...I had my camera set to burst so I could capture some moving pics of the kids. I'm going to print out a sheet of pictures for each of the kids so they have to show their parents. What a great day and great memory to have! Thanks to Amber, Nick, Nate and Amber!!!! You were so much fun to be around and I hope we can do it again next year!!!


  1. Looks like a very fun (and tiring!) day, one you will all remember forever, especially with the photos and vids to help. I'm happy for you all.

  2. I can't tell who had the most fun - you or the kids!


  3. What a fun summer memory for the kids and for you! Looks like it was a perfect day. Good you stayed off the Zero Gravity ride.

  4. You are a good Grandma Robbie!


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