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Monday, July 25, 2011

I was cleaning out some of my art supplies and took a box to Little Monster's, a kids toy store in Lake Orion. They offer free craft sessions on Wed.'s for the kids so I thought they could use some of my excess. While pulling out items for them, I came across some wallpaper sample books my sister sent to me years ago.
Isn't this neat! Well, it's not the sample! It's actually a doodle I did this afternoon on one of the wall paper sample pages!

This next picture is what a page looks like in the book. It's just dots in a design and each page is a different color. I think they are really cool!! I used a white gel pen given to me by Carol T. and it worked pretty good. The pages are 8" x 10" but you could make a nice clutch purse or a cell phone & Ipod bag!

This is what's on the back of each page. They are pretty sturdy but not too heavy that you couldn't sew through them. Now I have to get some different color pens to match some of the dots on the pages. There's a great sepia colored page that I want to do next but my brown pen is dried right up! Michael's here I come!

Most of yesterday and last night I spent trying to figure out the triangle pattern! You see these triangles are beaded together to make a bracelet..which isn't what I'm doing! I just wanted to make a few of them just to say I could, right!

Well I couldn't! Geezzzz I even had a dream about making beaded triangles last night!

But SUCCESS! I finally 'got' it this afternoon!!! Now I can quit! I only made one full triangle and then started with the next attached triangle! They look like little soldiers sitting in a row...ok, maybe not..but they are cute...
You can see the front and the bigger one in the back is attached, by the hip!

These were some of the other triangles I made..the one in the bottom left actually was the start of the correct pattern. I was just working on the 'decreasing' part of the you start increasing back to a triangle...hard to gt this out of my head now!

Whew..glad that phase has passed!!! Tonight I'm going to work on Georgia on my Mind..just because my friend, Susan, doesn't think I'll have it finished when I see her next winter! HA I'm actually over 75% finished with the reverse applique so two or three nights of baseball should finish it up! Susan's working on her piece which is HUGE!!! I'll have to confirm the size of it but it's taller than she is and about 10 ladies wide! How's that for a measurement! It's a beautiful piece!!

Temps back up into the high 80's today. I think we're going to wear out the central air!!


  1. Hi Robbie,

    The wallpaper looks fantastic you could do a lot with that design. Love the 3D beading.

    Thank you for the comment on my blog, I seem to have dropped into a surrealism mode of late.

    Hope it isn't too hot for you, it is cold here at the moment.


  2. I wouldn't have the patience for those great beaded triangles - sometimes you've just got to have a go tho but I love the wallpaper doodles! You've really made a piece of art outof it.

  3. Clever idea with the doodled wallpaper. Those triangles are awfully appealing... understandable why you are drawn to them.


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