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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Week Wrap-up!

I've been in a purging mood since Thursday! Just too much stuff that I/we don't need anymore so purge it is! I had two trash bags filled just from the computer room and that included lots of shredded papers. Just how many years do I have to save that WalMart receipt! Geezzz You'd think it was money!
I also went through my fabric, old patterns, etc. in my sewing room today and started a bag for the upcoming garage sale for the GSQ guild, another bag for the Little Monster kids store (they do the free craft days for kids) and moved some of my papers and fabrics to my dyeing/painting/collage area downstairs. That's the next room I have to purge!

In between the "purge", I have been beading. I'm making progress on my 2nd beaded cuff on the loom!

And I've been beading some hearts..yes, I get bored so I work on two at a time!

And we've had the roofers here for the past two days so I've been house bound, hence the purging! Geezz...for all that money no one would know we put on a new roof! I forgot to take a picture before they started as our old roof was looking pretty bad. Hate to have to dish out the $$'s but better to do it now than having to repair the inside of the house due to roof leaks!
So after two days of the guys working in 85+ degrees (and it's at least 10 degrees hotter on the roof!) it's all done. They did a great job of cleaning up and the owner of the company came back again today just to double check on the job and the cleanup. He walked around the house with a magnet to make sure all the nails were gone too. We'd recommend Arnold Roofing to anyone in our area. Actually, he's done about six houses in our sub.

Sunday our friends, Carol & Tony, are coming up and we're going to Lucky's for our favorite meal! We all love Lucky's, especially their bread!! Yum! I usually end up bringing home over half my dinner because I fill up on salad and bread (and a glass of wine!). But I love those leftovers!

Monday is our small Aussome fiber group meeting so hope I have some good show and tell pics to post! Now to watch the Tigers and do a little beading!


  1. Wow---things have been hopping at YOUR house! (and yes, a new roof BEFORE leaks is always the way to do I know...)
    Love your beading, both the loom and the hearts. I need to get into major purge mode here too, but sitting and enjoying coffee seems to be much more gratifying at the moment!
    Have a good day today~~


  2. Jobs well done... the roof, and your beading. Those read hearts on the b&w look striking. And job well done with the purging! I've been doing the same thing, and took several bags of fabrics for the "free table" at our guild. I'm happy to know the fabrics will be put to use as we were working on donation quilts when I brought them. A good feeling to lighten the load. Enjoy the weekend.

  3. Doesn't the purging feel so good after you've done it? Now to stop bringing in so much...


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