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Thursday, July 21, 2011

What a splash!

Well, for the first time, grandma allowed the kids to swim "on her watch"! Kids and I went to see Zookeeper, which was cute...loved the animals talking!, then back home to swim! I usually have the kids sit outside on Wed. but it was so hot I told them they could go swimming.

You can see by pics above they enjoyed the pool! Both kids swim like fishes and love the water! Grandma even put her feet in the water! Well, I can't put the rest of me in the water, neither Bob or I own a bathing suit! This statement was made to Ian and his friend one year when we met them for spring break in Florida. They just couldn't believe their grand parents go to Florida and don't own bathing suits. What can I say...we aren't near water where we stay in Ocala and if there is, we wouldn't go there anyway! Bob's on the golf course and, well, you know what all I do!

Anyway, kids had fun, I had fun...just a wonderful day with those kids!! I love all the conversations we have. They talk about the funniest things and just try to beat one another at stating facts first! Love my time with them!

Temp is suppose to be 98 today! I'm off to meet my friend, Carol, from Florida for a day of shopping and lunch. I'm bringing my cooler as my daughter mentioned to stop at Tradder Joe's! Love that place! Stay cool my friends!

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  1. Suit or no, I'd be in that water! It is the same weather here and I am sick of it beyond words (at least the polite ones.....).
    I'm waiting for FALL.
    Maybe if I danced naked in the yard it would scare the heat off.
    Or maybe I'd be in ER, wearing skin-only......frightening thought!
    Stay cool!



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