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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I love my Wednesday's!

Yes, I do love my Wednesday's with the kids. Today we started off watching GMA (yes, that's a grandma thing!), had breakfast, did some chatting, which I love! My pics are out of order on our day so above and the next two are from our late afternoon adventure! We went to Little Monster's a toy store for kids in Lake Orion. they have free craft days at their store on Wed. so I took the kids today. They each made a magnetic photo holder. This was Amber's...
and this was Nick's!
The lady's at the store are so nice and all the supplies are free as well. I talked with one of the instructor's and I'm going to bring some of my 'excess supplies' for them to use the next time we head over there (which should be in two weeks - next Wed. is the 4-H fair!).
So back to our day...this a.m. Amber wanted to clean up her closet and that's what we did. She was so cute..having her shirts/blouses organized by color - hmmmmm wonder where she gets that! Yes, I have mine the same way! Can't help it!
Anyway, Amber did a wonderful job on reorganizing her closet! Such a sweetheart!
And that Nick is a one of a kind as well (he's on the right!). Today he fell down the basement steps!! OMG!!! Talk about panic time!!! He hit his head and slid down the steps causing a rub burn on his back. Amber was 'Nancy Nurse' and got a bag of peas and a bag of ice (for his head and back!).
Here the boys had grandma watch a remote control video with them! I have to admit the remote cars were amazing and some actually go faster than 70 mph!! Can you image a remote car going that fast!
Nick was so cute narrating each different bike for his grandma!
This was one of the really fast remote cars! They even run in water and snow!! Who knew!
Oh, this is a picture Amber took of me last week when we went on our bike ride to the school..she doesn't know I know she took it! Grandma knows everything, Amber!
Amber and Nick..thanks for another wonderful day with you both!! Next Wed. is the 4-H fair!! We've gone every year since Amber was 3 (and I have saved each admission ticket!). Each of the kids is having a friend go with us, which will be nice. Saves grandma from having to go on some of those awful amusement rides! Yikes!! Scary!

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  1. looks and sounds like you had a great day! i can't help but think what wonderful childhood memories they'll have of wednesday's with grandma.


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