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Friday, July 22, 2011

Cuff is finished!

Yippee! I finished my 2nd cuff that I "beaded on the loom"! This is another pattern from Suzanne Cooper's web site. Suzanne has some great bracelet patterns in addition to many other patterns for different beading techniques. Check them out!

The pattern set I purchased has five different cuff patterns and I'm not sure which pattern I'll use for my 3rd cuff! The next one I'm making will be in orange/white since I wear a lot of spring colors. I can't wait to start another one but I have to finish the sleeve and label on my 'Twin'..she's all done except those two items and I'll post pics next week.
Carol and I had a fun day yesterday shopping in Auburn Hills. Carol and Tony are 'beach birds' from Florida and now spend six months in Michigan. I actually felt like I was in Florida picking up Carol for a day of 'tooting' around! We elected to go to the outside mall and walk around to the different stores which really wasn't bad even in the heat. We would walk a few steps then walk into air conditioning! Of course we had to have lunch which was really good...salad and a spinach/artichoke dip w/flatbread. Then to Starbucks for dessert, taking our drinks with us to Tradder Joe's!
While we were at the outside mall, I wanted to stop in Williams-Sonoma. My DIL had me try some sauce she bought from from them called Burger Bomb. As soon as we walked in the store, we were hit with a wonderful smell of something being grilled. Turned out it was chicken marinated in their Tequila Agave marinade. well, you know if it says TEQUILA I'll have to try it. Wow! It's a great marinade so Carol and I each both bought a bottle. I'm going to use it to marinade chicken for dinner the 1st night my sister comes to visit in a few weeks! Yep, my sis is coming to visit! I'm so excited and can't wait to see her!!! She's never been to our house and we had it built in '96! I'm having everyone up for dinner that weekend she's here as she hasn't seen Darrin since he and Kris got married 21 years ago! Dawn and I have gone back to Penna. to visit but now it's my sister's turn and I am thrilled!
Today temps are only to reach high 80's! That's a cool down isn't it. Good day to do some laundry and cleaning so I can play this weekend with some beading or other sewing! Stay cool!


  1. The cuff is wonderful. The clasp looks tricky to do.. is it? Only 80 today... why that's a real break in the temps!

  2. Love the cuff! And tequila chicken is one of my favorites! Especially since I'm too old to drink the tequila anymore (because it causes clothes to fall off and dancing on tabletops and such... ;-))!

  3. great cuff! wow! it's about time your sis comes to visit you. i'm sure you will have a terrific time.

  4. Your cuff is lovely. Spending time with loved ones is what I will be doing this extended weekend. Maybe I better get shopping for some tequila...


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