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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fiber post cards

The picture above is the slice project 16 of us completed this past spring that Tommy (The Material Girl) spearheaded. She also ended up sewing the slice pieces together into a quilt (each slice was approximately 9" x 11 (or close to that! I don't remember now!) and was won by Gayle from our group (thanks for the fiber card too, Gayle!).
To show our appreciation I thought it would be fun to make a fiber postcard with a picture of each of our slice and send to Tommy. So here are the fiber postcards I put in a booklet and sent to Tommy. She should have by Wed. (no, she won't see my blog - she's in Branson, Mo.).

just a little remembrance for Tommy since she did all the work!

Wed. is the 4-H Fair!! Yippee!! I love the fair and have been taking Amber since she was 3 and the same with Nick! This year each of them are taking along a friend. That will save grandma from having to go on those great, big, scary rides!!! I just hate embarrassing myself screaming like a little girl in front of everyone! Thank goodness for little friends!


  1. What a great idea and she will love it!

    We are deep into 4-h season as well and the kids do love it. Have fun.

  2. These are a great way to make a remembrance of your project. I like the edge stitch you chose, too. Have fun at the fair!

  3. Love the project and the postcards. What a nice thing to do.


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