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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Presenting the BUBBLE MAN!

Tomorrow, I'll have some pics from our fiber meeting but today it's all about the bubble man. Yes, there really is a Bubble Man! On Wed. the kids, Ginny and I went to the library to see him! What a fun and educational show it was!! Ron Lloyd did an amazing job even putting smoke, square bubbles and multiple bubbles within a bubble. You can see a video from his earlier program here.

Here he's putting smoke inside a bubble. It wasn't real smoke but some 'canned' safe air. Hmmm is any smoke 'safe'?? Oh well, it was interesting and the smoke alarm never went off so... This was a square bubble inside a bubble!
This was the Merry-Go-Round...he placed about 6-8 bubbles inside a bubble then spun there around!
I don't remember how many bubbles he finally had attached to one another.
Now big can you go!
This was the cutest! It was a teddy bear he made of bubbles.

What a fun show! And we even got the recipe for making our own bubbles...1 Cup of Dawn liquid dish detergent to 10 cups of water (you can also add 1/4 cup of glycerin but not necessary). And you can use string or your hands/fingers to blow bubbles through! Who knew!

We had 5" of rain Wed. night and 2" last night! We do have a problem with some water from one of the pipes from our well but Bob rigged a drain into the sump pump. What a mess, but it could be worse...let's just hope it doesn't get worse. Temps still in the high 80's and so humid. It's almost hard to breath when you go outside. Of course, hubby is still golfing! Go figure!


  1. Oh how I love bubbles. In fact just this past Sunday I was blowing bubbles off my deck and at my pond. This guy looks like he has quite the bubble technique. Sunshine Summer Smiles...

  2. Who knew? There is a Bubble Man! You so many fun things. I love reading your blog.


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