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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wrapping up the week

Check out the 'boys' supervising the delivery of shingles for the kids house! Nick is on the right and his buddy Mathew is on the left. My DIL sent the picture with the title 'supervisors in the making'? Cute isn't it.
So the week is almost over and although I've been busy I can't say I've accomplished a lot art work. I did make 9 fiber cards yesterday but I can't show them. I have five more to go for that project which I'll post in another week or two.

I did start 'beading on my loom' again yesterday! This is another pattern by Suzanne Cooper. I had to 'redo' (go figure!) my warp threads because I used some actual fishing line but it was 10lb. weight. I have used this weight for other projects but after weaving five rows the beads just didn't seem to fit easily and looked very rough. So I removed the beads and warp threads and redid using Fireline (8lb) which works great. I also added two warp threads for each edge warp threads. This is a great suggestion by Erin to provide strength especially if you are going to add beads to the edges on your piece, which I might do on this one. I'm using brown and white beads for this cuff.
And look what I got in the mail yesterday! Christine, a very talented beader and old friend from our 'traditional quilting days' was blogging about getting stamps made for signing her art work. Well, let's be honest I don't have real artwork that I need to sign! but I did want to have some fun stamps for using in my fiber cards and doodling I went to Bullfrogs Laser Works by Roberto Sand. Roberto does some amazing work (you can see the stamps he made for Christine on her blog) so make sure to check out his work. right now he's off site for 10 days as he's building a new shop but just bookmark and check back.
And this is the stamp I'll use in my fiber postcards (between address and greeting). I'm quite happy with my stamps and Roberto was so great to work with coming up with designs or using what you provide him.

Yesterday I did wash outside windows upstairs but the rest of them will have to wait until the temps get cooler! It's been quite humid the past few days and will be the same today, so it will be a 'stay in day' for this old lady! Good weekend for folks who have time off!

AND I went on a bike ride today!! Almost two miles!!! Yep, I did get another bike (it belonged to my DIL's mom)! This one is the old style bike so not an easy way of going up those hills but I think it's a good thing! It will help me get in shape for Florida and keeping up with my friend, Peggy! Enjoy the holiday everyone!!


  1. Yeah, they look quite busy as superintendants! Sounds like you have plenty to fill your time between windows, biking, beading. You're very patient to undo that loom and begin again! Good luck.

  2. You know, if you consider what you listed doing nothing....COME TO MY HOUSE!!!!
    I can find lots of NOTHING for you to do, and I can recoup from my sweltering adventure mowing the swamp and trying to par-boil my brains. (which I am sure I did....)
    Cute pic of the guys---yep, little men in training! ;-)


  3. Hey! I see real art work posted by you all the time, what are you talking about? You will make great use of these stamps.

    I think one of those boys needs a shovel to be leaning on while he watches the workers.

    I'm using my loom today too, working on another fiber woven piece. It will likely show up on my blog eventually.


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