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Monday, July 4, 2011

More collagrpahs

So what do you do when your electricity is out for over 15 hours! Wander around the house, then bead, then read using your book light (thank heaven for those!). Yep, our power went out around 6 p.m. on Sat. and didn't come on until Sunday morning around 10 . I had to throw out some items in refrigerator which is a waste but I hate taking a chance on any meat or egg products. This is the 2nd major outage we've had this year, which is unusual for us.
Before the outage on Sat. afternoon I did play some more with collagraphs (I posted on them here and here) to print more note cards. This was the start of my pear. I used a masking tape that was rather smooth and really didn't have much texture to it at all. It ended up acting more like a packing tape.

My friend, Mary, suggested that, because I didn't have a pasta machine to feed my layered pieces through, I should put the layers of my collagraph under the wheel of my car and run over it! Works for me and worth a try, right!
So I took my stencil all inked and layered (I'm using Etching Inks) and placed under the wheel.

Here's the print but you can see the pattern of my tire on the print. Who knew! It was a good idea but I never thought about the grooves in the tire.

This time I used some screen print ink in areas along with the Etching Inks.

I reverted back to using my rolling pin. You can see there isn't as much definition with my print because of the tape. I think they are still interesting and will make nice note cards to mail.

This was the print from under the wheel that I tried to fill in some of the tire spots. You can see how much darker the prints are with pressure.

It is 4th of July but we retiree's get so wrapped up in our every day life we don't normally realize a holiday is upon us. We are going to run some errands to replace our food stuff and I need a JoAnn's run as well.

I'm making strides on my cuff and I also worked on the 'Twins' yesterday. I want to get the one 'Twin' finished for the MQAI exhibit since it's due this month!

Happy 4th and have a safe one!


  1. How interesting.. and your step-by-step photos are really helpful in understanding this process. We get fairly frequent power outtages here in rural Ocala... have considered a whole-house generator. But 16 hours... you were right to toss some of the food.

  2. What the heck is up with the power in MI??? Had friends in the Detroit Metro area loose power too; Gary said when he lived up there is seldom if every went out. (and we were just lucky here, but then we live in the sticks, so I always expect it)
    The pear card is interesting in all the different ways it printed out....even with the tire track!
    Never thought of using the car for art.....hmmmmm......


  3. Oh that is so funny, my husband would have me committed if I did that, please buy the pasta machine. What paper are you using? I have yet to try it, been rather busy with putting together digital art for an exhibition, but will be in the big city tomorrow so I may check out the pasta machines.


  4. Wow! What an interesting process!
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader


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