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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beaded Triangles

The is a picture of my 'March Winds' I did for the 2010 BJP last year. I'm showing the small triangles that I made for the kite tail. (You can see the finished journal at the end of this post...back to the triangles.) I read Kate McKinnon's blog, which is a hoot, and she's been making closed beaded triangles from a technique by Jean Power's from the UK. I thought the triangles from Kate/Jean were quite clever, so I started to make them yesterday. My triangles above are made differently than Jean's but I have to admit her method is quite simple. This was the start of my first triangle.

And while watching the TV last night I made two more, but I'll need several to put them together. You have to see them enclosed on Kate's blog

and on Jean's blog. I think they're fun to make and you just never know where or how you might use a beaded, enclosed triangle!

This is how I used my peyote triangles so you might be surprised where or how you can use them!

The sleeve and label are on 'Betty' so it feels SO good to have that finished. It was a fun piece to do but I'm just glad to be done with target date projects. Now I can play! OK, I always play but now I can play without guilt! Temps up to 73 and I'm off for a bike breeze so I'm sure it will be hot out! Something different, right!


  1. I love these! Can think of tons of places they could be used as an accent, and really like them as kite tails. Looked at Jean's website.. her geometrics are mind boggling. Have you tried other forms from her patterns? I like the stars. Wow- what fun.

  2. Robbie how lovely and what a job of it so much beading!

  3. These are super cute. I was just learning how to make triangles this week. The challenge kit at my local bead store had triangles and I was trying to make beaded ones to match. So far, lots of error, not so much success. LOL.

    Yours turned out wonderful!

  4. These are so cool!! I love the idea of creating little forms like this in beads. mind is whirling with possibilities :) Yours look beautiful and I love them as a kite tail!

  5. They look great! What lovely work you do


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