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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Together again - RIP NoName

Yesterday wasn't the most pleasant of days for me. I lost my little NoName bird. I took both Grace and NoName in for their 'manicures' but for some reason he passed on when they finished. Dr. Reese called me into an examining room, which I knew was strange but I thought perhaps they found an issue with one of the birds. I still wasn't worried because they both ate and appeared healthy, other than NoName's sudden beak growth since winter. I've had to have his beak trimed four times since Jan. Everyone was very kind and Dr. Reese continue to hold NoName and pet his head. We just don't know if it was a clot, heart attack or what. Could even be why his beak growth was so rapid. NoName did have a good life and now he'll be with his mate, Cheap, who is on the right in the picture above.
NoName was a Bourke Parakeet and the mate of Cheap, who passed away at age 20 herself! Bob gave me NoName for Valentine's Day in 1992 and he's been to Florida every winter for the past few years with Gracie. I wrapped him in some soft batting and buried him in the front garden area.
Bourke's are a beautiful little bird with blue and pink feathers and just the sweetest little birds. If taken care of, these little birds can live quite a long time, which I can attest to. RIP NoName......


  1. Oh Robbie! Parrots are such special friends - Big and small!

    I have a parrot friend that now lives at our Botanical Gardens. He was an old bird (sulphur crested cockie!). When I was very small (5 years old.), he lived with my very elderly cousin (she was 80 something). He had a bad attitude! Big beak - big bite! When his owner died and he was sent "away" to the Gardens to be with the other "old birds" who had out lived their owners. I think we have worked out that he is 97! His crest is a little sad now but he is still as fiesty as he ever was! He still remembers me. When I go to visit he bows his head and asks for a scratch.


  2. Sorry you lost him... it's so difficult to lose a pet friend, especially when he seemed to be doing well. Sudden.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear of his passing. Even tiny pets touch your heart in a big way.

  4. Robbie I am SO SORRY! (sitting here misting up with tears, because I know someday, it will be me posting this....)
    I know your birds lived life to the fullest~~they were loved and treated like FAMILY.
    What more can one ask for.
    Your little one soars with the angels now, keeping them in line...


  5. I am so sorry. Birds are such special pets. I once had one who sat on my shoulder for hours at a time.....

    One day my cat got him. I learned that you cannot have cats and birds in the same house......

    Hugs to you......

  6. Pets are such a joy. It's so sad when they have to leave us.

  7. So very sorry for your loss, Robbie. What a shock that must have been, poor little thing. You AND little NoName. What a big hole they leave.

  8. May your memories help fill in the empty space and may you always smile when you think of your precious little bird.

  9. i'm sorry you lost your noname! i'm sure cheap is happy to see him, but grace will be lonely for a little while. that's sad. :(

  10. I'm sorry you lost NoName. I married into a bird-loving family and I've only just learned how clever and loving birds can be!

  11. So sorry for your lose Robbie. I lost a puppy this week and I haven't even allowed myself to mourn. May they both rest in peace.


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