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Monday, June 27, 2011

Cuff is finished!

I finished my cuff bracelet yesterday! I'm really happy with it and can't wait to start on another one! Or something else. My loom looks so lonely with nothing on it!
You can see my 'smiley face' mistake on the right inside corner but I think it looks kinda cute!
I sat out on the deck yesterday and felt like I was putting the binding on a quilt when I removed the warp threads and attached my clasp. It is time consuming but very relaxing to finish.

I used one of the six e-patterns I purchased from Suzanne Cooper. She has some great designs and I'll make another one using another of her patterns for my 3rd project. Check out her web site for using a variety of beading techniques. Lots to choose from!

Busy week with just about each of us going to 'day spa' starting with Mandy and birds today! Weather has been just wonderful, not too hot or not too cool for a Michigan summer! Life is good!


  1. I love it. It reminds me of Wedgewood!

  2. This turned out beatifully. That clasp looks rather intricate. Get that loom going again!

  3. The cuff is gorgeous! I love the pattern and the colors you chose.

    And the cardinal is just fabulous!

  4. Gorgeous loom work, Robbie! I've never beaded on a loom but this is very... you have too many hobbies already you have too many hobbies already... tempting! I bet it would be a great medium for patterns based on Navajo rugs, too.

  5. Love the cuff, do you prefer weaving to doing it in say peyote?

  6. It turned out great, Robbie. Reminds me of that blue and white china. Well done!

  7. Robbie it is great. I love it. I have been so busy lately but I plan to make a few more needle case patterns before I start back to school.


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