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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Just showing some works in progress..the first one isn't mine. This is a piece my friend Carol T. is working on. Carol does quite a bit of drawing with watercolor on paper and she also paints quite a few of her art quilts. This is a piece she's drawing on fabric with pencils and I think it's turning out really good! I was really impressed with how it's coming out and she's actually inspired me to try doing some flowers on fabric. I have the book 'The Botanical Palette' and I'm going to trace some flowers to play with. Carol draws all of her pieces and does a really good job...I can trace really good so that's what I'll stick with!

The next 'WIP' is my bracelet I started on my loom! Yippee!! I did finish it with the exception of the clasp. I'm really pleased with how my first attempt at bead loom work!! I really love working on the loom with the beads and I'm anxious to get started on my next piece. I want to make a cuff so I'm looking at some different designs or I might even make up my own pattern again.

Beautiful weather again today with some rain early this a.m. Cool breeze and a nice day to bead outside as well! Temps suppose to be in the 80's by next week so I'm sure kids will be doing lots of swimming!


  1. carol's work is really nice. can't wait to see yours! great job on the loom...looks like you're a pro already!!!

  2. So you found your loom I see. Your bracelet turned out great! I can hardly believe this is your first loomed piece! Can't wait to see your next one. Good work Robbie!

  3. The finished bracelet looks amazing! You're off to an incredible start. Can't wait to see what you do next with the loom! Are you using a book for instruction/inspiration?

  4. I LOVE this little bracelet. I've never tried beading on a loom, but I really like the geometric designs you can achieve with it.

  5. The bead loom bracelet project... clearly a succcess! Carol's fabric painting is looking good.


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