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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Meet the twins!

So before you get to meet the 'Twins'! Wanted to show the progress on my cuff I'm beading on the loom! Yes, I just love saying "beading on the loom"!, it has such a nice ring to it!!

I'm at the half way mark and really love beading on the loom. Yes, I've had to rip some rows out now and then but heck that's all part of the process. There are two mistakes I made on it but you know's for me and only I will know it! Hmmmm Wait!! Now that I put that to print everyone will know it!! But that's one is perfect and I'm sure far from to introduce the twins speaking of not being perfect!

Here are the Twins! I starting working on my quilt for the Michigan Quilt Artist Invitational traveling exhibit a few weeks ago. The theme is Art of the Kitchen so I decided to do a Betty Boop. I posted on how I wasn't happy with some of the weaving and the fact my yellow pencil marks were not coming out of the piece.

So I redid Betty and this is the newest one here to the right.
I couldn't see throwing the first Betty out since I had so much of it finished, so I figured i would just finish it and keep for myself. If I hang it far enough away no one can see the yellow marks, it should be fine!

Both of these pieces are larger than I need for the 20" x 24" finished size.

I quilted on the woven edges using red thread (hard to see unless you click on pic) yesterday and finished that part on both. Next I need to quilt around Betty and on the piece in other areas.

I'm happy with Betty and think it's a fun piece, which is what I was after.

If you would like to take a peak at another quilt Mary received for the exhibit, check out our SAQA Michigan blog . The quilt is by Laurie Ceesay who does fantastic portrait pieces and her Art of the Kitchen is wonderful!!

So off to work on my cardinal and watch the Tigers! Although, they are out in California and don't start until 10 p.m.!! I'm sure there's some other dumb shows on so I can still bead. Wed. is day with grand kids and I might get to ride a bike! More on that later!!


  1. glad you are enjoying the loom so much. the betty boop twins are fabulous! i love it! i love the wavy tiles in the adds even more fun to the quilt. betty looks perfect!

  2. Your beading on the loom is beautiful. I remember doing this on a much smaller scale when I was young and in Camp Fire Girls. I did enjoy it. Betty is looking fabulous. Happy creating...

  3. The Betty Twins are stunning! I too love the woven background - a 1950's tile kitchen floor gone wacky! Your cuff is looking great! Clever girl!


  4. Hi Robbie - how interesting to read about your beading loom - I've never seen one before - don't start me - i CANNOT begin another hobby although.....!!

  5. I just love your Betty Boop!
    Also love the cuff you beaded.
    I'm so sorry to hear about NoName.
    What a sweet quiet bird he was.


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