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Friday, June 24, 2011

It's all about me!

I was going to post pics from our fiber meeting last night but...I finished my cardinal before going to the meeting so today it's all about me!

So here's my April BJP which is approximately 9" x 11". It seems to be taking me more time to bead these birds so I behind on producing a monthly BJP. But....I'm kinda over the 'target date thing' so I'm just taking my time and enjoying the process vs being all stressed out about meeting a target date.

These are just a few of the closeup detail of my little bird.

Before I start my next bird or butterfly (I'm going to do six of each), I'm going to start attaching my first BJP bird onto canvas, as this is how I want to display them. I do have to finish 'the twins' first and then I'll start working on my process for attaching the birds.

Bob is still feeling great!!! No pain...can't figure it out! But we're thankful for him feeling so good and golfing! He does have some back issues and we'll get the MRI report mid July but he's also doing his back exercises each morning, which seems to be helping his leg/hip pain. Hmmmmmmm

Good day to do some art work, beading, whatever...misty rain but suppose to clear up with temps in the high 60's!


  1. Incredible work! The color shading in the cardinal gives it so much life. And your background stitching is outstanding. wow!

  2. He is perfect! From the color shading to the direction of your stitching in each area...just perfect :-)

  3. Your beaded bird is stunning. Happy weekend...

  4. Wow - amazing patience to do all this bead work - but well worth the effort!

  5. Robbie, your cardinal is fantastic, not only as an example of technical genius but also as a work of art!!!! If the cardinal could see himself, as in a mirror, looking at your piece, I'm sure he would puff and preen at such handsomeness.

    Yes, by all means, continue to take whatever time you need to do these small masterpieces. You and they deserve it!

    I look forward to seeing what you mean by attaching them to a canvas.

    Glad Bob is doing better and hope his back continues to improve with the exercises.

  6. Robbie, your Bird is so beautiful. Beauty takes time, so don't rush it. He/She is just so beautiful.

  7. your cardinal is divine! the technique, colors, everything...gorgeous. i really love the background stitching, too. so glad bob is feeling good.

  8. Thank you one and all for kind comments! I do enjoy working on these journal pieces and to have folks enjoy makes me feel so good.

  9. Beautiful, beautiful!! I love the detail pics, the beaded lines you made look so much like the quilted lines behind the bird that they just go together perfectly.

  10. Wow, what a beautiful piece of art you have created. I'm in awe of your work.

  11. Robbie, holy cow, this is amazing, well done!!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous!
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader


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