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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm bead weaving!

Before I talk about my 'bead weaving' (I'm SO excited!) here's the bird almost finished! I have to add the branch and he'll be finished. It's good or should I say bad TV time in the late spring/summer so a gal needs lots of hand work! Butterfly's are next in my mind so I'll have to get started but..... if you follow my 'life' here on my blog, I've posted about Erin Simonetti's beautiful bead loom work on her blog and how impressed and inspired I am by her work! I've been doing quite a bit of reading online and watching YouTubes regarding bead on a loom and really wanted to try this method of beading.
So check out what I found this past Sat. at the Beadifferent bead shop in Oxford! A bead loom!!!! I am SO excited! The loom measures 9 1/2" x 14" with a working area of 8" (in case I want to make an arm band!). The loom was made by the husband of someone who taught beading on a loom several years ago at the shop and he did a great job. The bead store only had this one left and had to go in their downstairs storage area to find it! I am really so pleased with this loom as it's VERY stable and adjustable as well so I can lay it flat or work on a slant, as I have it in the pics. Can you see the start of my little bracelet in the pic above?

And here's my work in progress! I actually made up my own design too! How cool is that! OK, so I impress myself sometimes! I only have 11 warp threads and I'm using # 11 Delica's so the bracelet is only about 1/2" wide. But it's my first attempt!!! Erin has some wonderful tips on her blog about adding an edge on your work while it's still on the loom. That will be my next step!

So here's my little bracelet almost finished!I've ordered several beading on a loom books from our library and two are in so I'll pick those up today. Erin is also working on a book and I'll certainly be first in line to buy her book!! If you haven't checked out Erin's work, do check out her blog and web site! it's worth the trip!

We're off for Bob's MRI on his back today but not until late this afternoon. That's good so I'll have time to review some of Erin's tips on adding an edge on beadwork. Temps have been wonderful in the mid 70's! My kind of weather so I can even sit outside and bead!


  1. Now THAT is a beading loom! The two I have are antique, smallish and I never could quite get the whole deal of getting the thread on right...LOL!
    I believe that required patience...hahaha!
    Good for you!
    The cardinal turned out wonderful and here is hoping that the MRI turns out okay too, or at least gives a hint of what is happening...


  2. I love the cardinal beading. It looks like bead embroidery. I've never tried that form of beading, but from what I see, I think you did a fantastic piece!

    Your loom is wonderful. It has tension control and a wide loom table. You will be using this for just about any type of looming project! The cuff is so cute. I can't wait to see what you do for the edging!

  3. The cardinal is just beautiful! I saw two male ones today out by the birdbath. They are amazing, and you've captured them so well. The bead loom... I'm impressed. You're off to an excellent start! Glad you found what you wanted.

  4. Man, that was fast!! You're already up and running! Your first loomed bracelet looks great, you'll really have to keep using the loom (and showing the results), I want to live vicariously through you.

  5. Oh my goodness! Look at how totally *brilliant* your cardinal is turning out! LURVE!

  6. Your cardinal is just beauteous! And the loom-what a marvelous find and you are already enjoying it. It's been great weather to sit outside and do just about anything. But this would be perfect to do outside. Enjoy it!

  7. Love this loom. Very nice! Great job Robbie.

  8. I just scrolled back through the visible posts, checking each one for progress reports on your cardinal. OMG, Robbie, you've really done something here! It's so difficult to get beads to represent nature in a realistic way, and you've mastered it here!

    Robin A.

  9. thank you all for kind comments! The bird might be on the back burner for a few days with the new loom work but he'll be finished soon!!


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