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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Sorry if you're getting tired of seeing the progress on my cardinal but I like to document my progress and it's my blog after all!

I beaded in between Dr. appointments yesterday and hair (dye job!) today. He's coming along and now I just need to finish his tail feather and branch. I did decide for sure that I'm doing six birds and six butterfly's and each will be mounted on canvas. I'll call the collection 'Feather and Wings' or 'Wings and Feathers'. Go figure, right!

So news from Bob's hip Dr. is he's thinking it's Bob's back and not necessarily the prosthesis in the leg bone. There is some "increased activity" in the leg bone and the replacement joint but he doesn't feel that's causing Bob's leg pain. Bob has days where he has NO pain at all and other days that he can't walk at all! So far yesterday and today he's been pretty much pain free. He's scheduled for a MRI of his lumbar spine next week and then he'll see the Dr. the middle of July. It's just a process of elimination so this is a start. Guess we'll just play it by ear unless of course I shoot him first! They shoot horses don't they!

Speaking of horses, we're getting the DVD 'True Grit' this week from Netflex! We can't wait to watch it being the western/cowboy fans that we are!!

On another note, I am thoroughly enjoying listening to 'Between Shades of Gray' by Ruta Sepetys. The story is basically about a young girl who along with her family are exiled from their homeland by Stalin and the suffering they incurred. The young girl, Lina, is also an artist who documents their life during this horrid time by drawing! I'm glad I'm listening to this book rather than reading it so I can listen while I sew, clean or drive! I'm so anxious on one hand to finish the book but on the other hand it's one of those books you don't want to end! Do pick up a's very well written by Ms. Sepetys!


  1. That cardinal is coming along so well, you're moving fast! You don't have to apologize for updating, I think we all want to see the cardinal's progress!

    I'm sorry Bob isn't doing so hot every day. At least he has you to cheer him on during the bad spells! Hope he gets back to 100% quickly and without too much trouble.

  2. Your cardinal is gorgeous!!! Super work girl; looks like the ones I see only a flit of a wing here.
    Please keep me posted on Bob's hip issues; you know why.
    Will e-mail later.


  3. I love cardinals. They are my favorite bird and yours is really lovely.
    Sorry about Bob....hope you guys figure it out soon. After all what good is retirement if you are in pain.

  4. your cardinal is coming along just beautifully. you're's your blog! you can post whatever you want, and i happen to enjoy it. :) looking forward to seeing some butterflies too. i hope they figure out what is causing the intermittent awful pain soon so they can address it and fix it.

  5. So close on the cardinal! I enjoy watching your progress. Hope Bob's problems can be resolved without to many challenges. Back and leg pain are a challenge in themselves. We loved True Grit.. saw it at the old Marion Theater. I like the new one better than the original John Wayne one (dare I say that?.. gasp). I will google leather post cards... interesting, thanks!

  6. This is fantastic, Robbie! I love how it is turning out. Best wishes to Bob.

  7. Thank you each for your good wishes for my hubby!! I've relayed each of them on to him and he's so moved!! now if we could just get him 'moving' all the time!! Thank you each again!!


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