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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beauty of nature

Yes, nature is beautiful! These are the last two blooms on one of my Amaryllis plant.

I have the bulbs in planters that sit by the patio/dining room slider so I can see them as I walk by or work in the kitchen. Are these beautiful or what!!
The vendor I purchased the bulbs from suggested I cut the stalk off at the bulb level to force a 2nd bloom. It was hard to cut off the bloom stalk before these but I did. We'll see if I have luck getting more blooms this year.

I guess my cardinal is considered nature too! and he's coming along, although I haven't worked on him in two days.

I was busy working on a bracelet for myself. The green is quick 'sparkly' and matches a peyote ring I made for myself last year.

And I did the design all myself! It's the same pattern I made for Ginny's BD bracelet.

Bob did golf for the 1st time yesterday in almost two weeks. So far so good but he did take 1/2 a pill yesterday afternoon. he's walking pretty good so far today but still cautious. This is the way it goes with him..he'll golf three days in a row then not be able to walk. wonder if he'll learn something from this? Hmmmm

Temps were wonderful yesterday, high 70's but not humid. No air on! Yippee! Windows open and fresh air blowing all day long. Today should be close to yesterday but no wind. I'm off to meet a friend for coffee this a.m. and maybe a treat!


  1. Never had any luck with amaryllis after the first bloom. But I have found that If I cut them when they are in full bloom and put them in water , they last a long time and don't get all droopy.
    The cardinal is beautiful and I look forward to the finished art. I never had any luck with beading....I've used it for embellishing and took some classes in jewelry but the beads are languishing in drawers.
    Hot, hot, hot down here.....some rain finally yesterday but we are in a serious dry spell and the courses are looking pretty fried.

  2. the flowers are amazing! i'm always so impressed with those who can grow such beauties, as i definitely do NOT have a green thumb and can't grow anything. the beading is fantastic as always!

  3. Oh my goodness. I am way behind. The cardinal is amazing!!!!!!The quilting is superb!!!!!! Make a girl jealous why don't you. Oh my, I sound just like Juls sometimes! hehe


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