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Sunday, October 31, 2010

BJP for October

Yippee! I made it! October 31st and I'm finished with my BJP for October! I did some 'resewing' of some areas which took some time but I'm happy with the results. So here's a closeup of some areas.
The finished piece measures 8 1/2" x 11" and I used mainly 11 delica's and some 11 seed beads just for the stem and outline. This was my own design but fun to work on. No, I haven't named it's based on Van Gogh's sunflower...ok, I know I'm not a VanGogh's a sunflower or part of one to me! Now on to November!
Bob and Mandy are both doing great! It will be 4 weeks for Bob on Tues. and 4 months for Mandy on Wed.! So far so good for both of them! Bob's been putting and chipping out in the front yard as our weather has been just wonderful!! Sunny days just about every day!! The best fall we've had in Michigan in ages.
So now it's Halloween and time to give out candy! We've had as many as over 270 kids one year!! So I better get ready for the on slot of kids! Happy Halloween one and all!


  1. A beautiful BJP Robbie!

    Happy Halloween!


  2. Spectacular and ever so colorful, I just love the design.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. So well executed in design, and simply lovely!

  4. Well done, don't eat too much candy.


  5. Just wonderful Robbie. I love the design and the background fabric is yummy....

  6. Robbie, that is just *perfect*! The quilting is the perfect counterpoint to the beading.

  7. It's gorgeous, Robbie! It looks like a sunflower unfurling. Not that they do, but yours is. I love it! Congrats to your loved ones too for their successful recovery.

  8. It looks great! You do so many layers for your projects! Fabric, quilting, beading, painting on some, sewing- so intricate. And congrats to Bob for being able to get out there and play around so quickly!

  9. I'm so impressed that you took out what you didn't like and redid it...that takes a lot of dedication!
    (and of course, I love the piece!)

  10. Beautiful! I love the 'sunshine' that it imparts. As we go into winter this one is going to keep you bright and cheerful


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