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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

27 degrees!

Yep, it was only 27 degrees @ 7:00 a.m. today! It's already up to 41 but 27!!!

I completed this piece last year for our Inspired by the Masters. It is based on my interpretation of the work from Helen Frankenthaler. I've been inspired by Judi's fringe work she posts about on her blog (check out the piece Judi just finished in her fringe series! Wow!). So between Judi and Ms. Frankenthaler I created this piece. You can see the process on my blog post from last Nov. here if you're interested.

Just a closeup of the beading.
So before I created the 20" x 24" piece above, I made a practice piece which is only 13.5" x 11.5. I've had this piece on my pegboard since last November so...

I picked up the piece, threw in some beads in my box and off to the hairdressers! After the dye was saturated on my lovely gray roots!, I sat myself, with coffee and beads, in a corner by the window and beaded. This was all I got done in 35 min. but better than a poke in the eye, as they say!
I have to quilt the background on my BJP before I can start the beading on that piece so this was the only hand work I could take with me.
I'm putting the binding on my KISS project today (due on Friday) and hope to get it on before I leave to pick up grand kids from school. I'll hand stitch binding while watching our Tigers tonight. That's my plan for today!


  1. Check out this article I found very interesting

  2. Love the piece!!! Love it!!!
    It was cold here too, though I am not sure how cold. There was frost on the grass but surprisingly my other plants seemed to fare pretty well, even the wisteria. It had gotten a little beaten up from rain.....Actually, the pics I took of it would be good color influence for something like what you're working on!


  3. Those colors just make my mouth water!

    It was cold here too -- I brought in the couple of pots I had already set out, so they were ok. But the tulips didn't like it -- they were very sad and droopy today. Sigh... this is the first year the rabbits didn't get them.


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