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Monday, April 12, 2010

Ocala is not like Miami!

The first year we came to visit Carol & Tony in Ocala we were shocked! Bob and I both expected palm trees,old people, city life, etc. The only 'expected' that we saw were 'old' people but that's OK because now we are the old people too! Bob and I were just overwhelmed at the beauty here in Ocala's country side. Horses, cattle, pine trees, maple trees..just beautiful country.
I wanted friends and family to see what the country side looks like here in Ocala. So, Carol and I stopped today to take some pics. These two had to come over to the fence to say good bye!
This looked like a yearling but was still curious as to what the heck I was doing!
So this is some of the country side we see each day on some of our travels. Yes, there is city life but to get to the city 6 miles away you see countryside like this... and this....
and this.....

Yep, more of the same..isn't it beautiful! We stopped several times along the road to take these pictures.
Here here are two video's of the land around Ocala Palms area. We will miss our friends and just driving around enjoying life here in Ocala. Until next year.....


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