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Friday, April 23, 2010

Bragging for a friend!

I talk quite a bit on my blog and to my friends about Susan's quilting. I just wanted to 'brag' a little for her on my blog! The two quilt pictures are from the Indiana Heritage Quilt show that was held this past March. Susan entered two quilts in the 'pieced wall quilt' category and won a 2nd place and Honorable Mention. Congrats, Susan!! Outstanding work!

This scrap quilt is based on Dominique Douat’s work in 1704 showing 256 ways to arrange 8 half-square triangles. The yellow diagonal row splits the coloration's into 2 mirror image sections, twice using each of 128 fabrics. Machine pieced, hand quilted

Thirteen Feathered Stars
This quilt is composed of thirteen different red and black feathered stars arranged in a heart-shaped setting on a tea-dyed, reverse appliqued background. It is hand quilted with flowing vines of heart-shaped feathers. The black and tan dragon tooth border is paper pieced and machine quilted


  1. I'll bet these quilts would knock my sox off if I was to see them irl. They look so beautiful and difficult. She is very talented, your friend.

  2. Congrats to your friend-these quilt looks so small, detailed and precise!!


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