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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back home

We're home! We arrived on Friday around 12:30 and had our suitcases unpacked, clothes hung, laundry started, grocery shopping completed and Little Cesar's for dinner! We finally sat down around 6 and collapsed!
Our trip home was really a nice, easy one with beautiful weather the entire trip. We ended up taking US27 north from Chattanooga and got to see some nice country side before we jumped back on 75. One sight we couldn't believe was the one below! check out the HOUSE ontop of the tower! This is the CSX Railroad Bridge on the Chickamauga Lake in Tenn. Bob and I were fascinated by this house! I'm sure it's just like a lighthouse for boats except this is for trains! That's just a wild guess.
The picture doesn't really do it justice because it's scary looking just thinking about walking out one of the doors! i can't image being inside while there's a storm or strong wind going on!!

We did see some great country side and the different shades of green on the trees was quite a sight to see as well. Some trees were in full bloom while others were just budding out. A few red buds were still in bloom which just added to the beauty of the trip.
Our last meal out was one of the best Italian meals we have ever had! We ate at Cassano's in Piqua, Ohio. Talk about good!!! Salad and the best bread sticks were starters, then we had their special, which was sauteed red onion then fresh crushed tomato's and other spices which was then put ontop of spaghetti. We also ordered a side dish of meatballs which I thought Bob would enjoy. Well, guess what! This 'anti meat' person ate a whole meatball and I could have eaten more!! They were delicious! We had so much food left over we had to put it in our cooler to take home. Neither Bob or I could leave it! We actually ended up eating it for dinner last night and it was just as good as it was at the restaurant. Now we have another favorite place to stop on our way to and from Florida!
Today, Bob and I worked all day. I started in our master bedroom/bath scrubbing floors (yep, on hands and knees!); dusting, moving furniture...the old spring cleaning! Always seems like a good time to do spring cleaning when we get home from Florida. I did get all the wood floors cleaned along with all the wood baseboards oiled and washed all the rugs in each room. Of course the computer room and sewing room still need to be done but they will have to wait until tomorrow or Tues.
Bob and I just finished dinner after we had a margarita! I made Emeril's lemon/rosemary grilled chicken, baked potato and baked cauliflower. Dessert is chocolate cups recipe by Rachel Ray. These are SO good and I use skim milk and egg beaters so they aren't all that bad!
So now we're watching the Tigers and they're ahead by 2 runs! Yippee! Our weather here in Michigan is colder than they've had for a few weeks. Only 37 @ 7:30 this a.m. It did get up to 50 but the wind made it feel a lot colder. Good to be home but we'll sure miss our Florida friends and the sun shining every day! Hopefully, I'll get to doing some art work later this week.

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  1. 37 must feel positively freezing after Florida! Glad you are home safe. All that cleaning makes me tired. Don't wear yourselves out.


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