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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stamping Monday

Before I get into my Stamping Monday, I couldn't resist showing another picture of the azalea bush out front. It's packed full of flowers and is just beautiful!
Here's one of the two stamps I purchased after the weavers meeting. I couldn't wait to start playing with them.

First, I did rubbings using the fabric crayons (by Crayola). On the butterfly I did color in some of the areas after the rubbing.

I ended up cutting out each shape and then doing the transfer on fabric I that I had already stamped. This way I could lay the wings, fish body directly ontop of areas I had stamped. I don't have a pic of results here but the color was very faint. But I also had stamped on hand dyed fabric that were already in dark colors. I might try to transfer them today onto white to see if they come out better.

So then I started to stamp! I first tried my alcohol inks (Liquitex) but the result was quite light on the fabric (top left is alcohol ink stamping). I switched to my old favorite SetaColor which worked perfect and you can see the difference where the areas stamped are darker.
The butterflies turned out quite nice too. I think these would be fun to color in with fabric paint.
I had a piece of Friendly Felt leftover from my umbrella so I thought I'd stamp on it! Who knows..perhaps a BJP in the making!
Nothing is safe when I'm in the stamping mood...when the kids sent the flowers for Easter, they came wrapped in this really cool paper which feels like Lutradur and appears to be quite sturdy! So of course I kept the two pieces and stamped on one side! You never know when it might come to be in a piece of artwork!
This piece stamped really has more movement in the background color than the picture shows. After I stamped a white piece of fabric, I painted over it with SetaColor and scrunched it. It looks better in person.
Ditto with this piece.

So that was my stamping Monday! Weather was in the mid 80's and a slight breeze which was nice and perfect for painting outside. I did sandwich a piece of the butterfly fabric yesterday and I'll do some stitching on it today to make some fiber cards.
I'm putting the beads on the edge of my BJP for April! Yippee!! It's almost done and I hope to get it finished today and then get my design ready for May. That way I have some more hand work vs machine work since we are starting to get our mind set ready to head back home in about a week or so. That means packing up all my 'stuff'!!
We will miss our friends and all the food for sure! But it's always nice to get back to our own home! We are so thankful to Larry for allowing us to stay in his house. It certainly has made our winter so enjoyable and one to remember!


  1. Those stamps are great! Are they made of wood? I especially like the fish and what you are doing with it. Good work! Your flower wrap paper shows a good eye for serendipitous opportunities. Recycling at its best.

  2. My favorite is the butterfly rubbing -- those colors, mmmm.

    I also like the fish stamped piece. I prefer Setacolors, also. They're my favorites for "serious" coloring.


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