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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Here is the fish stamp fiber card I finished yesterday. I did end up using fabric paints to embellish and enhance the fish print. I really like the wood block stamps (fish and butterfly) and think they make cool fiber cards and even fabric. I made this fiber card for Pat, the lady who told me about the wood block stamps and dropped in the mail yesterday. Here is one of the fish prints that I overlaid with the fabric crayons (transfer). You can see it didn't transfer much of the color but it was a good experiment.
The butterfly crayon transfer came out a tad better. I'm also transferring onto darker fabric than just white so that could account for the faint coloring. I've transferred onto white fabric and that does seem to work better. I can see beading or stitching to enhance these so it's not a total waste of effort.
I think the stamps also be cool for rubbings with oil pastels but I have to wait until we get back to Michigan. I did get about 75% of my art supplies packed up yesterday. I put away my sewing machine and just kept organizing and packing up. I like to have everything organized so all I have to do it put items back on my shelves at home..makes it a lot easier packing and unpacking for sure!
Temps still in the 80's and just beautiful. I do have hand work that I've kept out to keep me busy and I started to read the 19th Wife which is pretty good. So until the next post, have a great day!


  1. Yes, I really like that fish block. It must be hard getting ready to leave such a nice place. How do you decide what to pack and what to leave for the last minute? Sounds like you have done it enough and are good at it now. Nice work!

  2. Love those wood block stamps. They do so nicely!
    I hope that Michigan provides you with a little better weather by the time you return home! :)


  3. I like all three -- Those blocks were a wonderful find!

    Hope it's warmer in MI than it is in WI right now...


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