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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Last outtings until 2011!

Let's see..we ate dinner out Tues. thru Thursday saying good bye to some folks! Tues. was dinner with Peggy and Sammy (you'll see more of their artwork further down my post). We ate at a great Italian restaurant called Parvarati's! Garlic knots were to die for!!! A must 'go to again' next year!!
Wed. was our last dinner/margarita's at ElTorre's with Carol and Tony. This is our usual Wed. hangout..great food and 99 cent drinks! Can't beat it!
Thursday we had dinner with Larry, Jan, Marilyn and John at Stumpknockers! Another favorite restaurant of ours.
Jan was so sweet and made up this little vase with orchids and other greenery from her yard! I love it!!! Thank you Jan!
This is one of the views from outside of Stumpknockers. The restaurant sits on the river and you can take boat rides. personally, I'd just rather eat!
They have a little tiki bar and you can eat outside as well. They have the best deep fried shrimp and catfish. We only ate here twice this year which is so unusual! We normally get to Stumpknockers four times or more!!

It's always crowded inside and here we are just waiting for our food!!! This is Bob (back/left), Larry and Jan.

Marilyn, John and my hubby in the back (still!).

Friday, Carol, Peggy and I had our last girls day out for 2010! We headed out early to the farmer's market where we picked up some really good strawberries, grapefruit, green peppers, the largest carrots ever! and lots of other goodies!
Our next stop was to a granite yard to check out some pieces Peggy is looking at. Carol had her granite installed last month and Peggy has been trying to make a decision for the past year. She's narrowed it down to a few choices which are beautiful. After the granite yard, we headed off to a really cool art supply store call Red Swan. The place is huge and reminds me of Dick Blick's (which is a chain art supply store). Good thing we're heading home or I would have bought lots!! Carol & Peggy are coming out the door but you can't see them very well.
Of course we stopped for a great lunch and roamed around a used books store that was really nice! I even purchased a large print book for the ride home, The Cell, by Stephen King.
To end our day, Carol and I stopped at Peggy & Sammy's to see the latest art work from this talented couple. Peggy has a picture of an old boat sitting by the water that she's now painting. Peggy will have to send me a picture when she finishes so I can post. Here's the start of her painting.

This is Sammy's latest wood carving. Beautiful and I love the colors he painted! Such a talented couple aren't they!

And I have to show you the antique clock Sammy found! It's a Seth Thomas II from 1920's! It's an original and Sammy took the entire clock apart and cleaned each piece! Isn't it cool! Sammy has lots of clocks around and can get any clock working again!

Here's Sammy winding up the Seth Thomas piece.

So now we start packing clothes...actually, I've already got some clothes packed up that we won't be needing. You just do a little each day then packing isn't bad at all. Most of my art supplies are packed and today I'll put all my fabrics around our printer that we bring. Good way to protect the printer and pack my fabric!
I do have hand work but won't be posting any pictures for the next week or two. I did trace out a shibori design on some white fabric that I hope to start stitching on while on our drive home. We are also planning our side trip into Tenn. or Ky which we do each year. Just makes the drive home a little more interesting. You never know what you'll find when you venture off side roads! One time we had meat loaf with alphabet soup poured on top! that was a trip for sure!
Temp still in the high 70's/low 80's and breeze. perfect weather for all of us!

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  1. I sure make nice flower arrangements! Oh wait, that wasn't me. It is a beauty, love the vase too. Looks like you are going to miss that place and all those great friends. Do you go back there every year? Safe travels to you.


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