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Sunday, April 25, 2010

April Date Night - just a family post

Here's a picture collage of date night last night!

Nick made his own pizza at the restaurant..which is a nice activity they have for kids!

Check out my 'little Easter Girl' Kris and the kids got me! Isn't she adorable! Kris was going to mail her to me in Fl. but figured we had too much stuff to bring home as it was! I'm going to keep her in my sewing room! Amber picked her out so I'll have to have Amber name her now!

We watched 'Dennis the Menace' movie w/popcorn. And grandma had a GREAT cupcake made by Amber! um..ok, I cheated and had a cookie too! I said I love to eat!

Above video is of Nick at dinner last night. Kids and I met up with Auntie Dawn and Uncle Jeff at Italian Gardens. They make the best sauce..sweet basil that's just great. Yes, I LOVE food and appreciate good food. Anyway, it was the first time I got to see Dawn, Jeff and even Kris (my DIL) since we got home a week ago.

I picked up the little ones and we went to the library (which is our weekly 'adventure') since we didn't get to go on Wed. this past week. Amber got three books and Nick got two + a DVD. We then picked up Auntie and met Uncle Jeff at the restaurant. All in all I had a great night with kids and got to share lots of stories with grandpa when I got home.

So today I'm actually starting on my BJP for May! And I did some hand work on my KISS project yesterday. Hoping to finish that up since it's due April 30th! We had rain last night and it's overcast today so a good day to stay in and do laundry and sew!

A big surprise we got to SKYPE with our friends, Peggy and Sammy in Florida! It was just like we were sitting in their living room chatting! Except, Peggy and I didn't have our glass of wine and the guys didn't have their bottle of beer!

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