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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some beautiful beading - not mine!

OK, just a quick post! You have to check out this blog Christine's Beadworks. Long story but Christine was at one time a quilter and part of our little group called 'The Postal Quilters'..reason being because we were all in different cities and states and we would always do a round robin challenge each year sending our work via snail mail! I'll have to dig out some of my old pictures of the projects we did. They actually weren't all that bad and some ended up being quite unique.

But back to Christine! Wait until you see what this woman creates! It's so funny because I've been reading her blog but it never dawned on me who she was! Her profile picture was hard to see with her sun glasses on so I didn't recognize her. I happened to receive an email from one of the other ladies, Sue G., letting me know about the Flint Handmade Spring Sale which is coming up on May 1st and that Christine was one of the vendors. Well, you can imagine my surprise when I found out this is 'our' Christine! I've already put the event on my calendar and will definitely make the spring sale. I can't wait to meet up with Sue and see Christine and her beautiful work. So make sure to check out her blog and Etsy shop!

I have our fiber group tonight and I'm looking forward to seeing all the ladies I haven't seen in almost five months! Joetta is doing our technique this month called an "Ideas Journal" book. Should be fun and I'll have some pics to post tomorrow. ARTWORK finally!!! I'm going through withdrawal! Weather is beautiful and has been the past few days. Bob did mow on Tues. and lawn looks quite good for this time of the year. Should be in the 60's again today.


  1. :) It will be great to see you!! :)

  2. :)It will be so good to see you Robbie. I remember meeting at your home many moons ago and being astounded by your artistry. We worked on the leaves with the oil paints...I still have mine!


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